"Scent is a complement to the spirit of life"

"Scent is a complement to the spirit of life"

Montgomery Taylor is an artisan perfume house dedicated to the art of niche fragrances. Our handcrafted perfumes are designed from carefully selected pure and precious essences. We service to connoisseurs, individuals and boutiques in America and Europe.

GCI (Global Cosmetic Industry) magazine attributes Montgomery Taylor as "an apt example of why this industry is exciting and maintains its vitality." 

Our signature fragrance is Ambra di Venezia (Amber of Venice).  It was first launched on Fifth Avenue in 1998 and has proven to be a winner repeatedly among niche women’s fragrances, leading The New York Times to give it a 4 star award. Montgomery Taylor teamed again with Rayda Vega, one of America’s leading perfumers, to make their Paratus cologne, for both Men and Women.

We maintain a Venetian technique at a glass furnace in Brooklyn, where Mr. Taylor personally and lovingly prepares each flacon for our discerning customers. Hand blown in the atelier, each flacon is one of a kind, signed and numbered.

At Montgomery Taylor, we comprehend the infinite power of aroma, and how it can create and unlock memories. We invite you to reconnect with your senses and explore the exquisite art of niche specialty perfumery.